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About Us

WashClub OKC is ready to meet all of your laundry and dry cleaning needs.

We understand you want to look your best and have more time to enjoy what matters to you. Our goal is to make the whole laundry and dry cleaning experience as simple and efficient as possible.

So let us take care of your laundry and dry cleaning needs!

Our website and app allows you to choose a free pick-up and delivery time that is convenient for you, as well as giving specific instructions on how you would like your laundry handled.

WashClub OKC knows how important your cloths are to you and we take the responsibility of washing and drying your laundry very seriously. Every order is processed separately by our team of washing specialists.

  • Customer Service: Our team of drivers and washing specialists are professional, friendly, and courteous and will take great care to preserve the quality of your laundry.

  • Quality: We are continually monitoring our processes to ensure quality service, so feedback from our customers is always welcome. We use Eco-friendly products and make sure that your clothes come back to you clean and fresh.

  • Convenience: Our software makes it easy for you to have your laundry and dry cleaning picked up and delivered right to your home or office. Your laundry and/or dry cleaning will be returned to you fresh and clean within 24 to 48 hours.

At WashClub OKC we take pride in our work and look forward to making your life just a little bit easier, so take a look at our website to learn more about all the services we offer. We service both individual customers and commercial clients.