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Don't forget to take a look at our entire shopping cart for all pricing info. Commercial Inquiry? Call today for a free quote. Orders will not be picked up with laundry baskets. A WashClub bag will be provided upon delivery on 1st order (restrictions may apply) Washclub bags are required for every order.

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Item Price
Gratuity $1.00 Add

Wash & Fold By Pound

Click Add. Estimate your weight (Exact weight not needed). Card is not charged at this time. Select your add-on (Downy, Bleach etc.) All jackets/sweaters will be hung. Provide your hangers free of charge. 24-48 hr turnaround. Once card is charged you will receive your delivery info. Washclub bag is required every order

Item Price
Wash & Fold (WF) $1.35 Add
Wash & Fold $1.45 Add
WF: Heavy Soil $1.75 Add
Heavy Soil FEE $12.50 Add
Storage Fee $10.00 Add
Double Wash Fee $10.00 Add
Non-Processed Fee $25.00 Add
Low Temp or Air Dry $0.35 Add

Wash & Fold By Item + Weight

Comforters will automatically be a 48hr turnaround.

Item Price
Cushion Covers $6.00 Add
Comforter (ALL Size) $20.00 Add
Pillowcase or Sheet $1.99 Add
Bathroom Rug $5.99 Add
Blanket $10.00 Add
Kid Blanket $5.00 Add
Big Bag $5.15 Add
Sleeping Bag $19.99 Add
Dog Bed $8.00 Add
Light Coveralls $5.50 Add
Duvet Cover $12.00 Add
Mattress Pad & Protector $12.00 Add
Drape $11.00 Add

Add On

All orders are required to be in a Washclub bag. Send your hangers FREE of charge.

Item Price
Separate Whites Without Bleach $4.00 Add
Mis-Delivery Fee $10.00 Add
Non slip Hangers $0.75 Add
I am providing my own hangers $TBD Add
Hang T-Shirt/ Polo Shirt $0.20 Add
Hang Pant $0.20 Add
Plastic Hanger $0.36 Add
Plastic Kid Hanger $0.26 Add
Separate by person $4.00 Add
WashClub Bag $7.00 Add

Dry Cleaning: (DC)

Place items in separate bag. 48-72 hr turnaround. Orders placed on Friday's may be longer.

Item Price
Blouse $5.99 Add
Button-Down Shirt $4.99 Add
Sweater $6.50 Add
Hat $4.99 Add
Pant $5.99 Add
JumpSuit $12.00 Add
Skirt $6.99 Add
Jeans $8.99 Add
Light Jacket $12.00 Add
Heavy Jacket $15.99 Add
DC: Suit Coat $11.00 Add
Pillowcase or Sheet $5.00 Add
Vest $7.84 Add
Scarf $TBD Add
Robe $15.49 Add
Wedding Dress $TBD Add
Evening Gown $29.19 Add
Tablecloth $TBD Add
Any Silk Item $8.18 Add
Dress $9.00 Add
Shorts $7.69 Add
Tie $2.69 Add
Overcoat $15.98 Add
Lab Coat $5.18 Add
Comforter [All Sizes] $30.00 Add
Tuxedo Shirt $5.99 Add
Overall $TBD Add
T-Shirt $8.45 Add

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